Summer 2022 Visiting Partners

Summer 2022 Visiting Partners

Hsu Ken Ooi
June 12, 2022

We’re excited to announce the Visiting Partners for the upcoming Summer 2022 batch. They will be sharing their experience and insights with our early-stage companies by hosting individual office hours, group office hours and helping companies get ready for demo day.

Welcome to Guillaume Luccisano, Shawn Low and Jessica Chao, and welcome back to Zaizhuang Cheng.

If you want their help on your startup, please apply. Iterative Summer 2022 starts on 4 July and the application deadline is in 1 week (June 20).

Guillaume Luccisano

Guillaume was Co-Founder and CTO of Triplebyte (YC S15), the Linkedin for software engineers. Triplebyte has raised close to $50M to date from investors like Initialized, Caffeinated Capital, and YC Continuity.

Prior to Triplebyte, Guillaume was Co-Founder and VP of Engineering at Socialcam (YC W12) with Michael Seibel and Ammon Bartram. Socialcam was acquired by Autodesk for $60M. Before Socialcam, he was an early engineer at Twitch.

Guillaume has a MS in Computer Science from the European Institute of Technology.

Shawn Low

Shawn was Co-founder and Head of Operations at, a homeownership platform integrating mortgage lending, real estate services and insurance. has raised over $905M and valued at over $6B. Shawn was part of the core leadership serving as the functional equivalent of a COO. In his role, he oversaw the Mortgage and Real Estate business lines, in addition to company strategy, people and talent, and the international support teams.

Prior to Better, he was a consultant with BCG where he was part of the emergency response to the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The fast-paced and highly iterative nature of the work was what first got him to explore startups.

Shawn has a BA in Molecular Biology from Harvard and currently lives in Singapore with his wife. In his spare time, he serves on the board of an eco-theater non-profit Rainshadow Studios, plays the local squash league, and writes the occasional column on personal finance for Mothership.

Jessica Chao

Jessica is a Venture Partner at SLVC, a Latin America focused venture fund, and at Iterative where she leads healthcare investments. She’s also an Biotech Advisor to Berkeley SkyDeck, UC Berkeley’s official startup accelerator.

Previously, Jessica was Director of the Clinical Innovation Center at University of California, San Francisco where she developed the infrastructure and capacity to accelerate innovations that solved the most critical delivery system problems in healthcare. She was also a Product Designer at Weave (YC S14), Principal at Sage Growth Partners and Co-Founder of Healtho.

Jessica has an MBA from John Hopkins University, a PhD in Pharmacy and a BS in Biochemistry from the University of Washington.

Zaizhuang Cheng

Zaizhuang was Co-Founder and COO of Spin, the first shared micro-mobility startup in the US. Spin was acquired by Ford for $100M in 2018. While at Spin, Zaizhuang scaled Spin across 4 countries in US and Europe, with close to 100 markets and 1,000 employees.

Prior to Spin, Zaizhuang was a Software Engineer Lead at Disqus and an Engineering Manager for the Defense Science and Technology Agency for the Singapore government.

Zaizhuang has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Purdue and a MS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford.

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