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All Industries. All Stages.

At Iterative, we invest in startups at all stages, from those that began just weeks before our investment with a simple idea to those generating millions in revenue. Our program is tailored to address your startup's most significant challenges.

When evaluating startups, we look for 3 things :

Market - Does the problem your startup is solving, affect many people acutely?
Evidence - Proof that what you’re working on an important problem.
Founder - Are the founder(s) able to solve that problem?

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Here’s What to Expect.
We Hope You’re Excited.

Founders only

Only founders can come to interviews or attend batch events.

Investment and rolling admissions

We invest between US $150,000 and US $500,000 for roughly 10%. When we invest, we invest the full amount immediately. We don’t wait for the program to start, there are no milestones to meet, no clawbacks, and absolutely no program fees.

In-person orientation, fully remote program

Each batch kicks off with a 4-day in-person orientation, bringing our founders together. This orientation is crucial for founders to connect, meet their lead partners, and engage with the Iterative team. The rest of the program is remote, allowing founders to get better advice and fundraising help from experts from anywhere including our network in San Francisco. All of that and you get to stay focused on your home market.

Learn from guest speakers

During the 3 month cycle we invite speakers every week to talk about their startup and what they learned. Previous speakers include Emmett Nicholas (Co-Founder of Airtable), Ryan Hoover (Founder of Product Hunt), Moses Lo (Co-Founder of Xendit) and many more.

Group office hours

Every week or two, you’ll have group office hours, where you’ll talk with 5-8 companies and your Iterative partners for an hour. These group office hours are a chance to get to know companies in your batch that are going through similar things and to help each other.


During and after the batch, we introduce startups individually to people who could help them. The founders of other Iterative companies tend to be especially helpful.

Demo day

During and after the batch, we introduce startups individually to people who could help them. About 12 weeks in, we organize an event called Demo Day where startups present to a carefully selected, invite-only audience. Our last Demo Day was attended by over 200+ investors.

Stay for the community

Iterative doesn’t really end after 3 months. We continue to give advice and make introductions as long as our startups need—and so does the community of 200+ Iterative founders. We think of our batch program as just orientation into the larger community.

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We Got You.

We created a guide to help you learn about our admission process, how to apply, and what we look for in startups. We also provide tips for crafting a compelling application, share valuable insights from Iterative founders, and outline what to expect after you apply.

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