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Building a community of founders helping other founders.

About iterative

Iterative is a YC style accelerator focused exclusively on Southeast Asia. Iterative invests US $150K in a batch of startups, twice a year. Upon admission, we invest the full amount then work with the founders closely on their idea for 3 months. After 3 months, they present to a select group of investors with the goal of raising a larger round of investment.

About us


Increase the GDP of Southeast Asia through entrepreneurship

Although not a perfect measurement, we believe people's lives improve when the GDP in their country or region improves. The best stimulus for increasing GDP is entrepreneurship. We want to help.


To build the most vibrant, supportive, and intellectually honest community of founders

We believe the best way for us to help is to leverage our experience to support founders who in turn use their experience to help other founders. In the end, that looks like a community of founders helping other founders.

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Head of People
Full time, Remote
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After funding over 200 founders and deploying tens of millions in venture capital, we've come to realize that the most critical next step for us is to scale our own operations. To achieve this, we are seeking a Cultural Champion and a Leadership and Growth Advocate. If this sounds like you, apply now!

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Marketing Lead
Full time, Remote
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You will be part of the Recruiting Team at Iterative. The Recruiting Team is responsible for getting people to apply to Iterative. Unlike most investors, we accomplish this by (1) educating people on how to successfully start companies and (2) helping them believe that they can start a startup. We do this through a mix of content, events, programs, products and services. That's where you come in to help drive company applications.

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Open Application
Full Time, Remote
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Can't find anything that interests you in our list of open roles? First, thank you for your interest in Iterative; second, fill in an open application! Your profile may spark inspiration on what capabilities we should add to the team. Even if it isn't the right time yet, we would love to know that you're out there. We would love to reach out to you when we do create a role you may be interested in.

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