Should You Continue Working on Your Startup?

Should You Continue Working on Your Startup?

Hsu Ken Ooi
April 3, 2023

"Should I continue working on my startup?" It's a persistent question founders ask themselves - and the most difficult to answer. In the first episode of the Brian and Hsu Ken show, we try to break down how founders can tackle this question.


0.00 - Introduction

0.27 - Why Is This A Hard Question?

3:57 - Should More Companies Be Sticking It Out?

6:38 - Design Experiments Around Your Runway

9:15 - It Takes A Longer Time to Figure Out Economics

10:00 - Are You Solving the Most Important Problem?

10:50 - Hsu Ken's Thread

11:12 - Are You Growing?

14:08 - You're Growing Fast When You Think Your Metrics Are Wrong

15:29 - Retention is Important

16:12 - Are You Learning?

16:28 - Founders Need Insights Per Minute

18:15 - Best Startups Tend to Be Built Around Secrets

19:00 - Do You Have Ideas for What to Do Next?

21:28 - Startups Need to Engineer Growth

23:04 - Are You Having Fun?

25:00 - Signs You Should Quit Your Startup

28:29 - Learnings → Bets → Growth

28:57 - Swipe to the table in the LinkedIn post

31:15 - How Much Time Founders Should Spend on Learnings, Bets and Growth

36:00 - Wrapping Up

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