Introducing SEA Checks: 1 Submission, 12 Investors

Introducing SEA Checks: 1 Submission, 12 Investors

Hsu Ken Ooi
May 30, 2023

Fundraising is never easy (or fun) but it's 2x as hard (and probably 4x less fun) in today's environment. Anecdotally, last year and this year are probably 2 of the slowest years both in terms of the number of deals and the speed by which the deal is completed. It makes sense. There was a lot of economic uncertainty so investors wanted to wait to see what would happen.

Unfortunately, as a founder, you don’t have the luxury to wait and see. In addition to advice, support, etc. What more could we do to help?

As we talked about it more with other investors, we had an idea. What if we put together a group of investors who invest at different stages, are actively investing despite market conditions and are the type of investors we would have wanted. Let’s then create a common application so startups can submit a deck to the entire group all at once.

It’s called SEA Checks and here’s how it works.

How it Works

  1. Submit Your Deck – Go here, submit your deck and some basic contact information.
  2. Distribute to Everyone – Every other week, all of the submissions will be sent to all of the investors on the list.
  3. Investors Contact You – If an investor is interested, they will contact you directly.

Participating Investors

  1. Andy Hwang, General Partner at Wavemaker
  2. Brian Ma, Managing Partner at Iterative
  3. Ed Barker, Principal at Square Peg Capital
  4. JJ Chai, Angel Investor and Founder of Rainforest
  5. Kum Hong Siew, Angel Investor, Former COO Airbnb China
  6. Kuo Yi Lim, Managing Partner at Monk’s Hill Ventures
  7. Hsu Ken Ooi, Managing Parter at Iterative
  8. Nicolas Baze, General Partner at Partech
  9. Peng Ong, Managing Partner at Monk’s Hill Ventures
  10. Piruze Sabuncu, Partner at Square Peg Capital
  11. Samira Shihab, Founder of Tinkerlust and Principal at AC Ventures
  12. Shiyan Koh, Managing Partner at Hustle Fund

There’s more information on the website. If your a startup looking for funding at any stage, please submit your deck via the website. If your an investor who’s actively investing and would like to be part of this little group, please email me.

Hopefully by having a single application that goes to a high quality group of investors will make a tough time, a little less tough.

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