Podcast with Jeff Liu and Justin Louie from Jenfi
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Podcast with Jeff Liu and Justin Louie from Jenfi

Hsu Ken Ooi
November 13, 2021

Jeff Liu and Justin Louie are the co-founders of Jenfi (YC W20). Jenfi lends to small businesses in Southeast Asia based on revenue. Jenfi has raised US$2.1M in funding.

Before Jenfi, Jeff was the co-founder and CEO of GuavaPass, and Justin was the CTO of Guavapass. GuavaPass raised US$5M before being acquired by ClassPass in 2019.

In this episode, we talk about where they are from, how they got into startups, how they met, where their ideas come from, what it’s like to be a 2nd-time founder and advice for 1st-time founders, and much more.

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