[Podcast] Top Fundraising Mistakes - Featuring Kuo-Yi Lim and Hsu Ken Ooi

[Podcast] Top Fundraising Mistakes - Featuring Kuo-Yi Lim and Hsu Ken Ooi

Yi Jun Phung
October 14, 2022

In this episode, we've invited Hsu Ken, and Kuo Yi from Monk's Hill Ventures to talk about the top mistakes founders often make when fundraising.

But instead of the usual Q&A format, we're shaking things up a bit. I got both Hsu Ken and Kuo Yi to stack rank the top three mistakes they often see founders make, so you'll get to hear what are the different priorities that are important for an investor.

They also talk about how founders can fix those mistakes - and how the current economic downturn will impact fundraising.

Watch the video podcast here:

Listen to the podcast here:

Show Notes

3:25 - Kuo Yi's top three mistake

4:14 - Hsu Ken's top three mistake

5:26 - Kuo Yi's top two mistake

6:44 - Hsu Ken's top two mistake

8:34 - Rejections are sometimes just a matter of fit - it's nothing personal

9:16 - Investors change their perspectives all the time - it's okay to reach out again or follow up

11:45 - Kuo Yi's number one top fundraising mistake

13:30 - Why asking investors to sign NDAs is a red flag

13:39 - Without communicating some of the metrics, it's hard for investors to get excited about your business

15:44 - The best founders are the ones who turn metrics into discussions

16:54 - Pet peeves are cumulative metrics

17:39 - Another pet peeve: When most of your tractions are projections

18:18 - There are differences in quality of revenue

19:51 - Hsu Ken's number one top fundraising mistake

22:43 - What founders can learn from how Chris Rock prepares for his comedy shows

24:46 - Kuo Yi's honourable mentions

27:42 - Hsu Ken's honourable mentions

31:10 - Kuo Yi's advice for founders fundraising in this climate

34:55 - Why granularity matters in conversations with investors

37:56 - How Kuo Yi supports Monk's Hill Ventures founders mentally

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