Southeast Asia Tour

Southeast Asia Tour

Hsu Ken Ooi
December 8, 2021

Iterative will be hosting a series of virtual talks catered to future founders in Southeast Asia. Speakers will be Iterative founders and partners who've built successful companies in their country.

We believe that Southeast Asia has a lot of potential which needs to realised. The realisation in part will come from aspiring founders today taking the plunge into their start-up journey now and shaping Southeast Asia's future. We hope that by hosting this series of talks with founders from all over Southeast Asia we will be helping aspiring founders in each country to gain the clarity they need to get started on their own founder journey.

The primary topics which will be discussed are the following:

  • Origin Stories –  How did they come up with their idea and how did they get started?
  • Belief – What made you think you needed to start a company and why did you believe you could do it?
  • Ecosystem – What's holding people in their country back from being founders?

We'll also answer questions from founders and future founders in the audience so come with questions.

Event Dates

The times are set respective to each country's time zone.

If you're starting a startup in one of these countries, we want to meet you at one of the events.

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