Introducing the Iterative Startup Job Board

Introducing the Iterative Startup Job Board

Sylvia Yin
March 13, 2024

Our vision at Iterative is to boost Southeast Asia's GDP through entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship creates jobs, and we've been aiding founders in building companies. Now, we want to help match incredible talents with these roles.

As a job seeker, the Job Board offers:

  • Browse and Save — Explore and bookmark job listings and company profiles. Receive updates on your saved choices.
  • 1 Profile, 100+ Companies — Create a Job Seeker profile to be shared with our network of 100+ companies.
  • Direct Application and Connection — Apply directly to our portfolio companies and connect with key decision-makers.

Why Are We Doing This?

It’s no secret that hiring good talent is difficult. But what’s not often discussed is the perspective of the job seeker. Finding the right opportunity in the startup world can be tougher than it needs to be, like searching for a needle in a haystack.

With the introduction of the Iterative Startup Job Board, here’s what we hope to achieve:

Surface Startup Work Opportunities

Startups may not always have a strong online presence as they are often busy, heads down, building for their customers. As a result, the next Grab or Xendit often remains hidden from eager job seekers who have little network in the startup ecosystem, and often rely on common job sites like LinkedIn. Nonetheless, joining a startup at this stage can be the most rewarding experience for many.

The Iterative Job Board serves as a centralised platform, featuring job postings from over 100+ companies we've invested in. As we invest in an additional 40-50 startups per year, we're on the path to being the largest single source of qualified, venture-funded startup jobs in Southeast Asia.

Provide Startup Quality Signals

Distinguishing the promising startups from the rest is a challenge in itself. Limited detailed company information is available. As startups are inherently high-risk, this uncertainty makes it hard for job seekers to gauge and decide if the role is right for them.

All roles listed on the Iterative Startup Job Board are from companies that Iterative has invested in. These startups went through a competitive selection process from over 1000+ applications to our accelerator program, with an acceptance rate more competitive than Harvard and Stanford.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Positions at promising startups are also highly sought after. Startup founders are selective about their founding team members, so roles are often filled via referrals. This competitive landscape makes it hard for job seekers to get their foot in the door.

The Iterative Startup Job Board provides direct application access where you can connect directly with key decision-makers of our portfolio companies.

Recommended Usage

If you are a startup job seeker, here’s how we recommend you use it:

  1. Learn about the Companies — Visit the Companies’ pages to learn why we invested in them.
  2. Create a Job Seeker Profile — Create a job seeker profile to get in front of the 100+ startups in our portfolio.
  3. Browse & Subscribe — Browse and subscribe to the job board to be notified when new jobs are added.

Apply for Startup Jobs

Explore job opportunities from our portfolio of 100+ companies at

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