Introducing How to Fundraise Effectively

Introducing How to Fundraise Effectively

Yi Jun Phung
June 7, 2023

We've said it before: fundraising is one of the hardest, most confusing things a founder needs to do. As Hsu Ken Ooi, Managing Partner of Iterative, says:

"The typical experience for most founders is, they pitch a dozen investors who decline to invest. They wonder what they’re doing wrong, but it’s hard to tell because of the bad feedback loop and the lack of context-specific advice available. Regardless, they do their best to improve. Pitch another dozen investors. Those investors decline. The founder gets discouraged and stops."

It's why we run a fundraising bootcamp inside of our core program. Companies that have gone through our batch program have raised over $160M.

To help more startups, we've run fundraising programs and events to teach founders what we know. But it's hard to scale this since there are only so many founders who can attend the programs and events in real-time.

We want to make this more accessible to help more startups, so we're creating a series of emails that you can access anytime, all with the same content.

How to Fundraise Effectively

Introducing How to Fundraise Effectively, where we'll share Iterative's fundraising philosophy and how it can help you improve your pitch and close your next round. Here's how it works.

Each week, you'll receive an email on the following topics:

  • Week 1: Overview of Fundraising - Fundraising is a brutal process, and how you can become more effective at it.
  • Week 2: Identify the Right Investors - The inside story of how venture capital works so you can pitch them better - and why founders shouldn't skip this step.
  • Week 3: Create an Effective Pitch - Learn the pitch structure that we teach all of our companies and why it’s so effective. Determine whether it's more important to have strong traction or a great story and how to do both.
  • Week 4: Engineer Investor FOMO - Learn how to create investor FOMO by fundraising in parallel rather than serially.
  • Week 5: Key Takeaways - Additional resources to help you become better at fundraising.

Here's a snippet of the content we'll be sending over:

How to Sign Up

If you're interested, sign up here. Upon signing up, you'll receive the Week 1's email.

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