[Podcast] Yolanda Lee from Uncommon on Finding Confidence When You're The Only Woman in the Room
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[Podcast] Yolanda Lee from Uncommon on Finding Confidence When You're The Only Woman in the Room

Yi Jun Phung
November 4, 2022
“I want every little girl who's told she's bossy to be told instead she has leadership skills.” - Sheryl Sandberg

Confidence is something everyone struggles with, but more so if you're the only woman in the room and everyone doesn't look or think like you. In this episode, we invited Yolanda Lee from Uncommon back to the Iterative Podcast to discuss exactly this: how to find confidence as a female leader. From sharing personal stories on losing (and gaining) confidence, to breaking down the way the workforce was designed specifically for men, it's an episode made for women leaders, by woman leaders.

About Yolanda Lee

Yolanda Lee is the founder and CEO of Uncommon, Asia's first private leadership network for the next generation of female leaders. Prior to this, she led the international consumer partnerships team across Asia Pacific and the Middle East at Deliveroo, building its corporate solutions offering as the Head for Business. She also worked in Africa as the Regional Partnerships Manager for Uber, as well as the Regional Managing Director at HelloFood under Rocket Internet.

About Uncommon

Uncommon is a community learning and development platform for female leaders. Uncommon uses behavioural science, coaching and a supportive community to bridge the gap between knowledge and action and ensure lasting, effective change where it matters most.

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Show Notes

2:18 - Prompt: Tell me you're confident without telling me you're confident

6:00 - What are some of the biggest challenges Yolanda has heard repeatedly from Uncommon's cohorts?

8:27 - Challenges as a woman founder

8:51 - How should a woman founder navigate through the challenges

11:46 - How Yolanda Lee defines the term ‘Imposter Syndrome’

14:13 - Why Uncommon incorporates behavioural science into its coaching methods

15:48 - Female leaders had to learn almost a different way of working - and some of these challenges can't be solved overnight. How does Uncommon guide women through these?

18:01 - What Yolanda has learned from running Uncommon

20:01 - What should women unlearn?

23:04 - What's the most surprising thing Yolanda has learned when running events/creating content for Uncommon

24:34 - How Uncommon vets applicants of Uncommon

27:17 - Why Uncommon focuses on all quadrants of a person's life, not just one single aspect

28:32 - Yolanda's key takeaways for women in leadership positions

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